TOP 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Deciding on car insurance can be a frustrating and confusing process. Rates can vary wildly between companies, and it’s hard to know who truly offers the cheapest reliable coverage. I’ve done the research to find the 10 most budget-friendly car insurance companies on the market. I evaluated based on customer satisfaction, coverage options, and most importantly – premium prices. Read on to see who made the list of the top 10 most affordable providers.

The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

When evaluating insurers, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. You want to find the provider offering solid coverage at a reliable price. The following companies fit the bill for affordable rates combined with strong financial backing and decent customer service.


As one of the largest auto insurers in the country, GEICO has built a reputation for inexpensive premiums and reliable service. Policyholders tend to be satisfied with the customer service and claim payouts. Just be aware that GEICO tends to raise rates sharply for drivers after an accident or traffic violation. Despite this, their starting rates tend to be very affordable. Highlights:

  • Average annual premium around $1,100
  • Over 18 million policyholders nationwide
  • 84% customer satisfaction rating
  • Good choice for young drivers due to discounts


USAA frequently tops lists of both discount pricing and outstanding customer service. The only catch is its policies are only available for military members and their families. If you qualify for USAA, you’ll typically find some of the lowest premiums around. And as an added bonus, they have a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Average annual premium around $980
  • Restricted eligibility to military community
  • 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Smooth online quotes and claims process

3. State Farm

State Farm is the #1 provider of car insurance in the U.S. As the largest insurer, they can keep costs down through economies of scale. Expect to pay rock-bottom prices in many states through State Farm. Just watch out for rate hikes after accidents.

  • Average annual premium around $1,180
  • Over 19 million policyholders nationwide
  • 82% customer satisfaction rating
  • Local agents provide personalized advice

4. Progressive

Known for innovation and reasonable rates, Progressive advertises low-cost coverage for high-risk drivers. They have an intuitive website and mobile app that make managing your policy a breeze. Downsides are high premium increases after accidents.

  • Average annual premium around $1,400
  • Over 10 million policyholders nationwide
  • 81% customer satisfaction rating
  • Usage-based “Snapshot” program can save safe drivers 30% or more

5. Travelers

This major insurance provider has a great reputation for customer service and prompt claims payouts. Travelers offers surprisingly affordable rates to drivers who have excellent credit and clean driving records. Highlights include:

  • Average annual premium around $1,250
  • 13 million policies nationwide
  • 89% customer satisfaction rating
  • Competitive rates for good drivers

6. Nationwide

Known for catchy TV ads, Nationwide draws in savvy shoppers by promising low rates. Customers tend to be impressed with Nationwide’s friendly and competent service when managing policies or filing claims. Just be wary of sharp premium hikes after accidents or tickets.

  • Average annual premium around $1,400
  • Over 11 million members
  • 89% customer satisfaction rating
  • Usage-based SmartRide program helps cautious drivers save

7. Allstate

This huge insurance company uses smart pricing algorithms to offer customized quotes to drivers. Allstate tends to reward those with excellent credit and safe driving habits. Their standard rates are fairly average, but the very best drivers can score serious discounts.

  • Average annual premium around $1,500
  • Over 16 million policyholders
  • 80% customer satisfaction rating
  • Cut rates by 30% or more by tracking safe driving with Drivewise program

8. Esurance

Esurance made waves through efficient online management and scaled-back overhead costs. Shoppers will find some of the cheapest car insurance rates available today. Just be prepared for a pretty stripped-down customer experience.

  • Average annual premium around $1,250
  • Over 3 million policyholders
  • 79% customer satisfaction rating
  • Particularly low rates for hybrid/electric vehicles

9. The Hartford

Although not a household name, The Hartford offers superb rates for mature drivers and retirees. Combining experience with lower average mileage helps drivers over 50 and above score seriously cheap premiums.

  • Average annual premium around $1,300
  • Nearly 200 years in business
  • 90% customer satisfaction rating
  • Exceptional rates for drivers over 50

10. Direct Auto

As an online insurer with low-overhead and highly targeted niche marketing, Direct Auto secures bottom-dollar rates for drivers in eligible zip codes. This smaller provider can be an absolute steal for motorists shopping around. Just confirm they cover your state and area prior to purchasing.

  • Average annual premium around $1,500
  • Direct-to-consumer business model
  • 86% customer satisfaction rating
  • Only available in select states and metro regions

How Insurance Companies Determine Cost

Now that you know the cheapest options, it’s essential to understand what causes rates to skyrocket or plummet. While each insurer uses proprietary formulas to set premiums, these major factors impact your price across providers.

  • Driving Record – Expect punished with rate hikes after accidents, traffic tickets, or serious violations like a DUI.
  • Credit Score – Insurers give big discounts for good credit. Poor scores lead to overpriced premiums.
  • Age – Teen drivers pay the highest rates. After age 25, premiums start dropping until retirement age when they spike back up again.
  • Gender – Statistically women receive lower average accident rates than men, thus scoring cheaper policies.
  • Mileage – Drivers with long commutes or who log over 25,000 miles per year get punished with higher premiums.
  • Location – Living and parking a vehicle in areas with high rates of accident claims or auto theft can substantially impact insurance pricing.

Now let’s explore the factors that help you save…

Slashing Car Insurance Costs

While some elements that determine premium prices are out of your control, many factors that influence rates can be optimized.

  • Increase Deductibles – By covering more potential out-of-pocket costs per incident, you can steeply reduce premiums.
  • Drop Comprehensive Claims – Does your old car have little cash value left? Then why pay more to cover it? Ask your agent if dropping comprehensive coverage makes sense.
  • Trim Down Coverage – Do you have rentals or roadside assistance that is unnecessary? Strip away superfluous add-ons.
  • Bundle Insurance Plans – Add homeowner’s or other policies with one company to unlock bundling discounts of up to 30% off.
  • Maintain Good Credit – Insurance score factors heavily into premium prices. Monitoring your credit and minimizing debts can directly save you money each month.
  • Reduce Mileage – Telecommuting a few days per week, carpooling, and optimizing errands cuts miles driven to lower some insurer’s quotes.
  • Take Defensive Driving – Completing an approved safe driving curriculum earns a certificate that may trim 5 – 10% or more from premiums.

Finding Cheap Reliable Car Insurance Coverage

When buying car insurance, a bargain-basement premium means nothing if you’re left stranded after an accident with claims going unpaid. Pursue value coverage over pure cheapness alone.

By selecting a reputable company with high financial strength ratings that satisfies customers yet offers competitive pricing, you gain peace of mind that your auto insurance actually provides protection when you need it most.

Use this guide as a baseline for cheap car insurance policies and explore getting quotes from a few of these top affordable providers. Just don’t make cost your only concern. Weigh discounted premiums against industry reputation, coverage limitations, and projected reliability when something goes wrong.

Once you find great rates from an insurer you can trust, you’re set to cruise into 2023 with full protection. Drive safely out there!

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